Runtime API log to debug panel



Can you give me an example of how to write to the debug panel (the one in in the interface beside the info one)? I tried to follow the code of the debug node but I could not understand it completely.

To be more clear, I embedded node-red into and express app and want to write some messages from the app to the debug panel.

Thank you in advance!



You can do this using node.warn, but that may not be what you are looking for.



And how can I do it if I don't have access to any of the nodes? So I am inside an express server which embedds node-red and want to show a welcome message let's say before any flow is deployed?

Thank you!

vin., 17 aug. 2018, 16:13 Colin a scris:



I said it might not be what you want. It wasn't clear that you wanted to do it before deploying.



@CatalinFetoiu one way to do it is, is by using the log - although, by default the Debug sidebar only shows warning or higher level messages. Assuming you have the RED object (from require('node-red'):

RED.log.warn("Hi there");

To do anything else would be to delve into the internals of Node-RED which are not public apis and subject to change.

And of course that only displays a message at that point in time - there's not guarantee that there is a browser connected at that point in time. If someone opens the editor 2 seconds later, they won't get the message.



Thank you!

That was what I was looking for :slight_smile:

vin., 17 aug. 2018, 17:09 Nick O'Leary a scris: