RunTime Problem

i have two systems running on proxmox (in diff. Containers).
the Installation is ioBroker and NodeRed.
With one system i have sometimes Problems with NodeRed. It restart's everytime.
I found something like error in Space. I'm also install all again. Then it run's a couple of weeks, now the same....

Here are a little log:

node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.853	info	(2358) node-red exited with null
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.835	warn	(2358) 12: 0x140de99 [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.833	warn	(2358) 11: 0x107158e v8::internal::Runtime_AllocateInYoungGeneration(int, unsigned long*, v8::internal::Isolate*) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.831	warn	(2358) 10: 0xd2ef5b v8::internal::Factory::NewFillerObject(int, bool, v8::internal::AllocationType, v8::internal::AllocationOrigin) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.830	warn	(2358) 9: 0xd6853c v8::internal::Heap::AllocateRawWithRetryOrFail(int, v8::internal::AllocationType, v8::internal::AllocationOrigin, v8::internal::AllocationAlignment) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.829	warn	(2358) 8: 0xd65a85 v8::internal::Heap::CollectGarbage(v8::internal::AllocationSpace, v8::internal::GarbageCollectionReason, v8::GCCallbackFlags) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.827	warn	(2358) 7: 0xd64bd5 v8::internal::Heap::PerformGarbageCollection(v8::internal::GarbageCollector, v8::GCCallbackFlags) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.826	warn	(2358) 6: 0xd58316 v8::internal::Heap::RecomputeLimits(v8::internal::GarbageCollector) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.825	warn	(2358) 5: 0xd57c85 [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.823	warn	(2358) 4: 0xb9aa09 v8::internal::V8::FatalProcessOutOfMemory(v8::internal::Isolate*, char const*, bool) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.822	warn	(2358) 3: 0xb9a68e v8::Utils::ReportOOMFailure(v8::internal::Isolate*, char const*, bool) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.821	warn	(2358) 2: 0xa1aa4c node::OnFatalError(char const*, char const*) [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.819	warn	(2358) 1: 0xa1a640 node::Abort() [node-red]
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.818	warn	(2358) FATAL ERROR: Ineffective mark-compacts near heap limit Allocation failed - JavaScript heap out of memory
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.817	debug	(2358) <--- JS stacktrace ---> ==== JS stack trace ========================================= 0: ExitFrame [pc: 0x140de99] 1: StubFrame [pc: 0x1448515] Security context: 0x1d9f3c9c08d1 <JSOb
node-red.0	2021-04-09 12:11:12.808	debug	(2358) <--- Last few GCs ---> [3132:0x4838140] 6635 ms: Mark-sweep 124.0 (131.6) -> 121.6 (131.4) MB, 147.1 / 0.0 ms (average mu = 0.242, current mu = 0.170) allocation failure scavenge might n

i don't know much of this... is there someone how can check the screens?

thanks a lot

yes - as it says it's out of memory on that device... it is filling up for some reason... either too large data, too much data too quick backing up, data not being cleared out...

thanks for reply.

do you have me a hint, where i search for troubleshooting this...


The art of troubleshooting is to divide up the problem into smaller pieces.
What happens if you only run only the iobroker container?
What happens if you only run the node-red container?
How many flows are you running?
What are the flows doing?
How often are the flows running?
What do the flows do?
What happens if you disable some of the flows?

As you answer these questions you should start to develop an idea of what might be happening which could lead you to figuring out what is wrong yourself.

NR runs some days without Problem, then i move a Node a little and deploy...NR crash's...

when you deploy are you doing a Full, Modified Flows or Modified nodes deploy? If you are doing a Full deploy, try changing it to a Modified Flows and see if that helps.

Screen Shot 2021-04-10 at 12.35.13 PM

i do always only "Modified Nodes"...

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