Runtime setFlows interface does not match documentation


I want to reload the flows programmatically.
Therefore I want to use the setFlows function of the node runtime.
(DefinitelyTyped/index.d.ts at master · DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped · GitHub)
* Sets the current flow configuration
* @param opts
* @param opts.flows - the flow configuration: {flows: [..], credentials: {}}
* @param opts.deploymentType - the type of deployment - "full", "nodes", "flows", "reload"
* @param opts.req - the request to log (optional)
setFlows: (opts: { flows: { flows: object; credentials: object; req?: object } }) => Promise<{ rev: string }>;

(has an additional user object)

So the docs mention this format {flows:{}, req?:{}, deploymentType: string},
the coding accepts this format: {flows:[{},{}], credentials?:{}, req?:{}}

there is a mismatch of API Input parameters and docs, but my biggest issue is how can I set the deploymentType. I am using typeScript.
Any suggestions?

Thank you

Hi @okm

the typescript definitions in the DefinitelyTyped repo are not maintained by the core Node-RED project - they never have been. You'll have to raise an issue against whoever maintains them.

You set the deployment type using opt.deploymentType just as the docs say.

Hi @knolleary ,

OK got it, I changed my coding to
const opts = {

and it worked.
Thank you

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