S7 Logo8 Minus values AM1


I have a Logo8 and use the S7 nodes. In the Logo I use the AM1 for the Outut for outside temperature. It works, but currently we have minus degrees. Now the value showed me only bullshit.
Here we have minus 2,1 degrees C. It showes minus 21... It is Ok for me. All applications have a divider. :wink:

VM Memory:

This in Nodedred for value -21

What I have to use in Nodered for Adress, if the value range is minus 200 to plus 500?

What IĀ“ve tested and did not work with minus values:
DB1,WORD1118 I think this cannot in the minus. But why?
heres the manual, but I donĀ“t understand: node-red-contrib-s7 (node) - Node-RED

I have no idea, what I can do... Only with positiv values it works...

Thanks for helping.

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