Same dashboard/NR instance view but on two different devices? Get out of sync?

Came across an interesting issue today... my touch screen view of NR, being faster than my phone, I noticed that changes to one device where not timely to the later. My phone is much slower at times.

I know the basic dashboard has no multi-user support, and each browser has it its own session, so as I understand it, short of tagging context variables, with a unique identifier, there is no straight forward way to keeping different sessions from being stepped on each other depending on which session last changed something that is in effect a shared context.

Just wondering how others may have tackled this multiple session issue? This is not a security requirement or anything complex like that, just how to isolate sessions in some basic way.

And if you actually do want to have a common shared view, is there a way to spike or has someone built into their flow logic a 'dirty' flag kind of logic, so sessions know to do an update/sync? The joys of client side context. :slight_smile:

Apologies, not an answer I'm afraid but I couldn't help but point out that uibuilder has a lot more options and in the upcoming release, will also get client connect/disconnect messages with more data including the source page name, client IP, and a stable client ID. You can, of course, also have many instances of uibuilder with different settings.

You could probably engineer in some additional data to Dashboard to track sessions. In addition, while not multi-user per-se, you do get the _socketId which enables you do direct to a specific session.

That definitely is down the road, that I now find myself on.

I tried playing with flow context versus global, but that does not address the issue in total either. The client-id suggests one possible straight forward way to isolate when needed.

None of this is critical or urgent, so appears I just need to get on with kicking the tires on 3.0 sooner than later.

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