Same MQTT flow not connecting on RaspberryPi (Dietpi) but on laptop (Manjaro)

Hello Everybody,

I've got a strange problem, the same flow (copy/paste) works on my notebook (Manjaro Linux, Kernel 5.15.49-1), but it refuses to work on a RaspberryPi (Model B, Dietpi v8.5.1, Kernel 5.15.32+)

The flow uses the MQTT-in Node to read a electricity meter reading from TheThingsNetwork in the Cloud, so I'm not running any local Mosquitto.

While the flow on my notebook connects immediately, it refuses to connect on the Pi

I played around with different auth settings in the flow on the Pi, but nothing changed.

The Network seems to be reachable on the Pi, at least I can get fetch different stuff via the node-red http-in node. It's hard to believe, that there's a special ipfilter flaw, that filters out only MQTT traffic.

The TTN console is full of "invalid token" errors:

Thank you for any help!

Those messages say invalid token. It would seem like your mqtt-in node is not configured properly.

Did you check it’s configuration against the configuration on your notebook to see if they are the same?

What does TheThingsNetwork require?

What version of node-red and node.js are you running?

I have to excuse myself.
I messed up here a bit with my configurations.

The working password which left in my global configuration on the laptop, was taken from the TTN Api Key generator, as it should be.

Somehow, on the Pi I inserted the password for the TTN Web-login, which is different and not intended.

Sorry for any inconvinience!

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