Save dashboard chart data in an external file (.txt)

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Hi. I am working on how to save these temperature vs time data in an external file like a text file. Looking out for advice and assistance.

Hi @jagades you can use the write file node to write msg.payload to a file, also you can format it with CSV or JSON node to save temperature vs time.

The best way to do this depends on what you want to do with the data later.

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Thanks for the input, how do I do the formatting? Right now I have been receiving data in bulk. I'll share an example below :--

The data being output to the text file will be kept for monthly reporting. My goal is to format the data, and then organize the text files by day, month and year so that it is convenient for other user to access the data.

This organization of text files is what I mean...

You should consider using a database if you want to further use the data. Dashboard can also be used effectively to 'look' at the historical data.

Great! @jagades You could use a CSV or JSON node to format, before to send to write file node. But I think your main problem was solved (Save dashboard chart in an external file).


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