Save HTML select tag selection for reload value in config screen

in my node I need to store the value of the selected select tag to be able to set the value when I re-open config screen.

Now when I open config display after first configuration, the first value in the list is always displayed.

What would be the best solution to use ?



You store it as a property if the node... Just like you would any value you want to store as part of the node's configuration.

  1. Add a property to your nodes defaults object
  2. Give you select the appropriate id value and the editor will automatically map the node property to the value of the select.

Its a bit more complicated if you are dynamically generating the contents of the select box.

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I'm generating dynamically the contents of the select tag.
A different box with different ID is enabled based on the value selected in a previous box.

In which case you'll need to explicitly set the selected value in your oneditprepare function after you have populated it.

You will still need to add a property to the node to store the selected value.

This is what I tried (but it doesn't work).
Once selected the correct value I set a variable data in oneditsave.

    oneditsave: function () {
         <!--Check wich device type is selected-->
         let deviceType = $("#node-input-device option:selected");
                if(deviceType.val() == "pac2200") {
                    let dataValue = $("#node-input-data-pac2200 option:selected");
           = dataValue.val();

In data I have the value selected in the box. After this in oneditprepare I set previous selected box with the last value of data .

    oneditprepare: function() {
        $("#node-input-device").on("change",function() {
            if (this.value === "pac2200") {

data is declared in defaults object

        category: 'sentron',
        color: '#009999',
        defaults: {
            name: {value:""},
            unitId: {value: "1",required:true},
            device: {value: "pac1200",required:true},
            data: {value: "", required: true}
        icon: "serial.png",
        label: function() {


At this point of your code this is not your node, so is not defined.

At the start of your oneditprepare function, grab the value:

const myData =

You can then use myData inside the change event handler.

Ok, now works!!!!!


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