Save images under different names usb camera

Hello, i am trying so save images my usb camera made under a different name, at the moment when a new image arrives it replaces the image made before that, does anyone know how i can make every picture save under a different name?

This is a screenshot of my usb camera node settings Screenshot_2

Can you sent the node (what node is it?) the file name? Many nodes allow the ncoming msg to set a variable name - you would have to blank out the File Name option in the node.

Also what are the other options the node offers?? (read the info tab for the node)

Alternatively if the node outputs the name of the file you could then rename it with an exec node

This is the node I used:

what are the options under “file mode” if it can output the image as a buffer you could then use the file out node to write it to whatever file name you want

Yes i can select buffer, how exactly does this file out node work?

The info panel on the Right Hand side gives a very good explanation.

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