Save payload in sqlite data base

Hi all,

i'm very new in node red.
I'd like to save a payload with weather data in a sql data base.
can anybody help me to understand what i have to do?

thanks in advance



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Hi @fiberkill

Have you installed the sqlite nodes? Essentially you have to create a message containing the SQL query you want to run - in this case an sql INSERT statement. There are lots of threads in this forum around inserting data into databases. The best place to start would be to search the forum for those threads and see if they help you understand what you need to do.

And if you are new to SQLite, you could probably benefit from a tutorial like

i managed it to insert my values into sqlite data base.
It was realy easy.

Thanks for your help


If it's time based numeric data you want to store then InfluxDB is a better choice. If you want to graph it, take a look at Grafana which works with a number of data sources like InfluxDB.

Hi, could you please post the flow of how you did it. I am trying to store data but I can't