Saving HTML Table object(s)

Blocked out the data for personal reasons.

Essentially I am passing images from a MongoDB to NodeRed and parsing the actual image file back to base64 to create a set of up to 100 images (records) and the "alarm" description. The table is done in HTML template with input coming from Mongo Query.

With 3 pieces of information that is "linked" together (Time, Alarm, Image) the information separately does no good.

What I'm trying to determine if there is a good way to download the full table (images included) in a logical way.

Methods tried:
Excel download - Formatted properly, rows/columns exist but images are not saved properly.


Canvas->Table inside Canvas: this one has yielded little success. Idea: Make a canvas and have the table inside (yielding an image that could be saved, removing search-ability but easy to view). Either I don't fully understand how HTML canvas drawing works or Node-Red handles some things differently. I got a blank canvas when linking table to canvas by object ID of table.

SelectAll/Copy/Paste: This one works, pasting into a doc has everything formatted in table, but not automated/scripted.

Looking for a way to "triggered"/on button press to save the current table contents and save them. CtrlP/print to PDF and such work fine. Looking specifically to save the table or an object similar in nature.

I cannot post/link the flow because of data/security reasons.

If there is a better option for managing data that needs to be in a format with 3 columns and 100 rows I am also open to changing the HTML. I am not an expect in best practices for frontend, this is only going to be used for creating a report.