Scaling node? (scale != range)

I'm sure someone has created one, I've already seen it done as a subflow, but I was surprised to not find a single search return for "scaling" in the palatte manager.

It wouldn't need to be installed by default or anything, but having a few different types of scaling options including offset (bias) could be handy for various analog sensors and such.

Did I miss something obvious?

You say in the subject "scale != range", but don't say in your post why the Range node isn't what you're looking for. Given the Range node offers a number of options for scaling a value, what functionality are you looking for?

Ok, I had to look again. I guess I was looking for a y=mx+b (slope and intercept) type approach but using the ranges for each works the same, you just have to do the math.

Yes. y=mx + b is just a straight line. The range node just defines two points on a line so they are essentially the same.

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