Schedule Motion Events using INPUT Datetime helpers in Home Assistant

I am new to Node Red, and I am using it to automate my existing Home Assistant automations.

I am looking to achieve a fairly simple automation for you guys out there..

I have created a sequence where a Binary Motion Sensor triggers a scene within Home Assistant, and then turns off after 10mins after no motion.. it all works perfectly..


I want to add a timing complexity to the sequence.

In Home Assistant I have used the datetime helpers to set times during the day for all my automations, as below:(these are a few)

A) input_datetime.daytime_start
B) input_datetime.daytime_end
C) input_datetime.afternoon_start
D) input_datetime.afternoon_end

for example:

If the sequence is triggered between the time input in A and B, i want to Call service scene.turn_on (scene1)
If the sequence is triggered between the time input in C and D, i want to Call service scene.turn_on (scene2)

If anyone can help I would very much appreciate it.

The point behind it all, is that I would like to be able to change the HA helpers in one place and then ALL my automations update. I wish to do this as my days and times change regularly and irregularly.

Thank you all in Advance

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