Screencasts - NodeDev custom node development in Node-RED

Hi There,

Back in the good old days, I mentioned that I had created NodeDev for making custom node development in Node-RED possible. I've extended the functionality to be more useful for me.

To understand what I'm up to, think of Node-RED as not just a configuration tool for a server but also as an editor and think of nodes in flows as being files in packages - after all, nodes can be anything!

I've now created a bunch of screencasts describing my workflow for creating custom nodes using Node-RED - no external editor required! Each screencast is about 5 mins long and presents one part of the workflow but they should be viewed in order.

I hope this gives a different perspective on what Node-RED can be used for and I know that others will have their own workflows - this just my workflow that works for me.



Thanks a lot for all this effort, pretty clever stuff here. Now even I would be able to create nodes...maybe :')

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Thank you, much appreciated :+1:

Let me know if you do - I would be interested in feedback the approach.