Searching for the API entries for the function this.on('close', ....) and this.on('input', ....)


may be I searched wrong but I am searching for the API which describes me for example this.on('input', ....), this.on('close', ....) and the other possibilites.
I am developing a custom node and it's works fine. For example I am using the this.on('input', function(msg, send, done){...}) because I saw it in the examples, also I found this.on('close', function(msg){...}) anywhere in the forum but I want an overview of the other possibilities but I have no starting point I am not be able to find 'input', 'close' anywhere in den API.

Can somebody give me a hint for a good search expression please?

  1. Update:
    I have took a look to core/storage/23-watch.js and there are also 'change' and 'error'.

The docs?

Thank you for the answer.

Yes, there are 'input', 'close' but in my first update I also found 'change' and 'error'. May be it's a misunderstanding on my site but it's seems to me there are more events that you can use.

Another point is the "flows:started" runtime event from @node-red/runtime/lib/flows/index.js . It's not documented in : Node-RED . I found this hint anywhere in the forum and currently I am not sure if I use the correct documentation or the information intentionally hidden for the common developer.

I have the feeling that certain something is missing to feel me save. :wink:

The docs you've linked to are for the events available within the editor.

We do not have a publicly documented set of runtime events beyond what is in the Creating Nodes docs.

Getting a more formalized set of runtime events is on the to-do list

Thank you for the answer!

In the last months the self doubts grew up that I missed something because I am completly new in Node-RED, but this explains it to me.

Does it make sense to collect such findings/events for later usage at a central point for other developers and to make it easier to fulfill the to do? The big exclamation mark shouldn't be absent for using it on own risk. :wink:

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