Security alarm turn on light and buzzer


As a school project I am making a home security alarm.
Im new to Node-red and dont understand everything yet.
I am using a PIR sensor and when it detects motion, the lights and buzzer should turn on.
However I want them to turn on for 5 minutes and I have to be able to turn them off earlier on my dashboard.

Can anyone help me with this?
Kind regards,


Telegram + 9x gpio-multi-function-lights + P.I.R + dash all working ;) but need help with a function

You can use the [delay] node to turn something off after a set time and it's fairly easy to do a dashboard with a button. What have you tried? Where are you stuck?



This sounds very similar to the question that was posed a few days ago by @ZenoVD - any relation to you??

I suggest you read that thread as it covers a number of the issues/questions/decisions you will need to consider/answer.



This was also my post, but I didnt understand most of the commands, I only started using node red about 1month ago and dont understand that much of it you see.
I have looked around on the internet but only found timers to set the light on from a specific time to aspecific time and thats not what im looking for.
I cannot show you my flow at the moment but i have tried a trigger but this doesnt work.



Im still at school and my teacher doesnt know how node-red works either so i have to look everything up. Most of the times the projects aren't very detailed on the internet so i dont know how i should handle it.



Better to carry on the original thread and ask specific questions about the points you did not understand. Otherwise you will just get the same answers again and still not understand.