Security System


A security system based on the node dynamic state machine dsm.
Please take a look at the wiki on Github for more details and a flow to download.

Note: you need to instal the node node-red-contrib-dsm



I don’t know if you looked or not, but there already is a Finite State Machine node for Node Red ( If it didn’t suit your needs, then it is better to ask for changes to be made than create a new one.

One thing you need to be careful about using the inject node to set the configuration of downstream nodes is that the inject node does not fire immediately at start up. This may result in a period where your dsm node is receiving inputs but is not configured.


  1. Sure I did first search and I've found 2 fsm nodes!
    and yours, so I'm wondering why did you create a new one?

  2. I tested your node and I also asked you for a new feature but unfortnally first I didn't get an answer and had to ask again and the second time there was no answer at all!

But anyway I like node-red and its ability to create new nodes.

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Fair enough. Sorry, I hadn’t connected your two accounts together. Yes, you did ask for a change. Just remember that like many contributors, we do this in our spare time and don’t always immediately respond. The change your were proposing had a potential complication that meant that it may not always work as you expected and I put it on the to-do list to look into it more closely when I had time.

I did actually search for a state machine node before I wrote mine. Interestingly, the node-red-contrib-fsm node didn’t show up because description doesn’t actually contain the term ‘state machine’. There is a lesson in that for all of us.