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Hi, I guess I have a very stupid question but I am node- red user since a months only so pls excuse this.

I used node red over a virtual machine running on Digitalocean. I am modifying a flow and need to adjust many nodes/functions for this. I used to have autostart not enabled for node-red, so I would access the console, start node red with the command "node-red" and get the welcome message + other info. Then I would see already some things like "connected to xy.db" and I would see error messages when I used interactive controls on the UI. This was very useful to adjust the flow and find the problems.
At this point I decided to enable auto start for node-red. Now I can not see these status and error messages any more. When I enter node-red in the console I get error-eaddrinuse: address already in use ..... Sure I do, because it is already running due to the autostart.
So... what is the right command/ how can I see these status and error messages again?
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it depends how you autostart it... If you used our pi/debian/ubuntu script to install it then there may be a node-red-log command you can use.

I used

  • sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/nodered.service

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/node-red --max-old-space-size=128 -v

# log output to syslog as 'node-red'

# if using a root user

  • sudo systemctl enable nodered.service

I tried "node-red-log" but the command wasn´t found.
So that means I would need to start a new server, configure it, reinstall node-red without the auto-start to be able to see life status messages in the console again?

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As it says, the log will also be in syslog.

Hi Colin,
thanks understood. Since I am not a professional linux user - how can I access syslog using the console on a virtual machine server?

You should be able to use journalctl to see the log. Login to the server with a terminal and to watch the log as it happens try
sudo journalctl -f -u nodered -o cat

Otherwise this might do it
`tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep -i "node-red"

If that doesn't work then you may need to ask on a Digital Ocean.


sudo journalctl -f -u nodered -o cat

works just perfect. Thanks Colin, big big help.

All I did was look in the node-red-log command and pinched it from there.
I can never remember how to use journalctl, I don't use it often enough.

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