Seeing context variabkles in alphabetical order

I use a lot of context variables, and sometimes have a really hard time finding them in the variable list (see below).

Is there any way to see the variable list in alphabetical order (even if it were a manual step like clicking a header to sort them)? When you have dozens (or hundreds...) of variables, not knowing where they are in the list is really taxing.

EDIT: OK, I guess I'm an idiot.

They are in alphabetical order, I didn't catch that as capital letters and lower case letters are separated/not next to each other in the list, which made it look like some 'a' items came after 'X' and 'U' items (which is true, but again because of capitalization)...

Guess I need to be more consistent in my variable naming conventions, and not have some with 1st char capital and some not... Either that or sorting could be made to be capitalization independent. :slight_smile:

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