Select Input Type in Subflow

Hello there. I was working with subflow properties. where i can pass my env variable to the function node. but for each device id, I have to write its ID in text input. So I choose the "select input type" instead of text.

Now can I put the device id in that select input type box from the database? so that it can automatically show me all device id.

because if I want to have 100 devices. it will take time to add that type of device in Lable and Value.


Hi @pranavthakkar

no, there is no built-in way to dynamically generate that list of options. You are getting into custom-node territory rather than subflows.

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hi @knolleary. I was reading the doc of subflow.

using an environment variable to identify which type of record should be accessed

I don't what this line meant. is that similar to my issue?

All you need do if you have multiple id's is to put the id onto the incoming msg. Then you can have logic in your sub-flow to deal with the different ids.

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