Send a file to telegram messenger


Im trying to send a file to my telegram messenger.

This is my flow.
Is it possible to send a file to Telegram Messenger and if so how can I do this?

The aim is that when I send a command to my bot he grabs the file and I can view it in the chat.

You don't say which telegram node you are using.
But if you read the ReadMe of the node, generally they will include the information you need.

What do you think the flow you posted does?

Using the node-red-contrib-telegrambot I send rpi camera images to my chat via myTelegram bot, specifically using the sender node.

The image can either be taken and sent to the Telegram chat by an external trigger, or by me sending a message from the chat back to the receiver node.

Look at the doco for the telegrambot nodes.

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