Send an Url to Chromium

Hey guys ,

is it Possible to send a Url From Node Red to Chromium Browser?

I have an Raspberry Pi 3b+ and it just Displays a Dashboard in Kiosk Mode.
And i would like to change the showed Website via Node Red, so when i trigger a node that a Different url is shown in the Browser.

I dont wanne show only Node Red Dashboard i got one too but i also wanne use a different one/ other Websites.

Is that Possible in any way?

Thx in Advance.

Hi, you can use the Add link button - image
to add a link to another page that you can either launch another page or load a page in an iframe (which you would need if you want to maintain overall control of the page). Or you can use the node-red-node-ui-iframe node to embed the iframe as a widget (which you could then size to fill most of the screen. the advantage of the widget is that you can pass and get info to the iframe (eg for playing video etc)
Note: not all websites allow you to embed them so it may not be possible for all sites.

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