Send chart to another url

I'm new to Node-Red and I need to send data or a graph to an external URL (not the node-red dashboard). I am collecting the data from my plant and I'd like to send it to my laboratory website to display it as a graph.


What connectivity do yuo have to your lab?

Node-RED can connect in many ways including http, tcp, udp, mqtt, websockets, UNIX Pipes.

It's HTTP.

Not terribly informative.

You can use the http-request node to make a web call to your lab.

Sorry, I couldn't elaborate on the answer before.
I am using Node Red to communicate with sensors on my plant via Modbus to collect data and store this data to be able to display it via charts on different dashboards. One of the ideas for the project is to display the data in the form of a
chart of the power generated by the plant on the website of my laboratory. This communication would be via HTTP. Is there any way to send a chart via HTTP to the URL of my lab using the HTTP node in Node-red?

Well, it would be much more sensible to send the data rather than the chart.

To send the chart, you need to render it to a form that can be transmitted. Typically, that would be an image and to do that, you need something that will automate taking an image from a web page that you render on the device running Node-RED. I wouldn't know where to start with that.

It would be a lot simpler and more sensible to transmit the data to the lab and render the chart there either using tools you probably already have in your lab such as LabView, R, Python, ... or indeed just run up an instance of Node-RED in the lab and use that to display the chart.

Alternatively, you could make your source instance of Node-RED accessible to the lab so that all you need is a browser in the lab to view the chart.

Sorry for the delay, but I had to leave this issue aside while I was trying to solve other issues. I will send the data rather than the chart.

Thank you for the help.