Send message to button from within a function node?

I searched for an example on this, but did not seem to find a match? Send message to known named button from within a function node? I have a group of buttons I need to initialize based on some calculations done in a function node, figure I could just initialize the buttons as I do the calculations, if the above question is possible?

Can't you just connect wires in the normal way?

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Yup, i did actually, and built an array of the buttons that needed the message, and returned that from the function node. I had the button list, from how the UI is initialized on NR start. So if I add or remove a button, the code adapts. Which is a better 'NR' wire design than what I was thinking I wanted to do when I posed the question. At times, I tend to revert back to an Event->Action mind-set, rather than a Wire-Route mind-set. Old habits.

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