Sending data to Dakboard

I want to send some data to my Dakboard, but I don't know how to make the flow. As I can read I need to add a URL in the fetch option in Dakboard settings. How do I make this URL in Node-Red?
I was thinking of displaying some room temperatures and humidities from Sonoff devices using MQTT. The MQTT Mosquitto broker, Dakboard and Node-Red is running on the same Raspberry Pi.

I too am looking to do the same thing. My Dakboard is operating on it's Raspberry Pi. Figuring out how to integrate the two of them would be awesome :slight_smile:

You will need an http endpoint that returns your data to the dakboard. And another flow to get and hold your data. Examples can be found in the cookbook

Thanks dceejay,

will I have an HTTPS issue ? Instructions form Dakboard

No idea. Try it

I did not use https. Just my ip address and port number

Actually, I am using another public port for security reasons :slight_smile: