SenseHat environment / motion problem

Hello to all,

for a project I got the task to display the temperature and compass value from a Sense Hat in a dashboard. Now I have the problem, if I activate both hooks at environment and motion in the node of the SenseHat, I get only the values of the Compass displayed and no more temperature values. What can I do differently, if I want to read both range or do I have to make a correction in a configuration file?

(I have also already slowed down the transmission of the messages with a delay node).


Just powering up a Pi with a SenseHat and I'll be able to help you out shortly

It sends all the information but the environment ones are only sent at 1 per second so it's hard to spot them in the debug amongst all the motion ones

Unfortunately, the information about the temperature does not come through, it is not displayed in the dashboard even after a day. Therefore, I have already installed a delay node so that the messages are transmitted more slowly.

It is probably your delay node setting that is causing your issue.

Make a test flow like this and just turn the debugs off and on and see what happens



only the motion data is transferred


mm - very strange :frowning:

Nevertheless, thank you very much for your help. :grinning:

Try this workaround

configure two SenseHAT nodes - one for enviroment - one for motion




Now only the environment events are transferred and motion events are no longer transferred :crazy_face:

What version of Node-RED are you running?

1.3.5 is running

I'm on an old version but can't upgrade at moment due to the general internet problems but I' try and do so later

upgraded to 1.3.5 - still works fine for me

Do you have another Pi you could try it out on?

Thanks for the help and the info with the version. Yes I have two Pi and the second I prepare with an old version. Thanks. :grinning:

This is probably just one of those weird things that only happens on one computer.

As I said, I upgraded to the latest version 1.3.5 and mine still works.

I would try your other Pi and see what happens

Does your 2nd pi work?
I don't think this is a version issue

It is not.... :cry:

Which version do you have at the node-red-node-pi-sense-hat?