Sent different data to one MQTT Display

I ve created a project with 2 Displays with different names, i'm new with nod red, now i want to sent more data from different devices to one display.

I sent the date form MQQT from domoticz

Can some one please help me

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I don't fully understand your question. If you wish to send other data to MQTT then you can wire that into the same MQTT node, or add another MQTT node that publishes to the same topic.

2 different topics to "Mqqt to Display" but with an inverval from 5 sec for example.

If you want to limit the rate at which messages are sent then you could use a Delay node in Rate Limit mode to stop it updating too often. Or perhaps you mean you want it to alternate between the two messages. Unless you explain exactly what you are trying to achieve then it is difficult to help.

I wont one display wich diplay my Elektric delevery, Electric usage, and i want these message to alternate every 5 seconds, and in the future more messages, from elektric consumptions of different PZEM modules, so i got al the data alternate on one display

If you configure each message to have a different topic then you can use the delay node in rate limit mode once per 5 seconds - set to handle each msg.topic - and send each topic in turn.

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Hi i did it with the delay node it works fine thankz for the help

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