Serial port node delimiter parser

The current serial port node has the option of splitting the input data with a single character such as "0x0A". However, since there could be data with value of "0x0A", the split result could be wrong when there is data of "0x0A". So I am using two bytes "0x55 0x0A" as the input data delimiter.

For example, the input data can be:
0x12 0x22 0x55 0x0A // 0x12 0x22 are the sensor data, 0x55 and 0x0A is the delimiter
0x12 0xAA 0x55 0x0A // 0x12 0xAA are the sensor data. In this case, serial-port node will cause error

The input data length is not fixed. It could be:
0x18 0x32 0x0A 0x78 0x55 0x0A // 0x18 0x32 0x0A 0x78 are the real data in this case
However, there is no option of using more than one byte delimiter in the serial-port node.
I have been trying to figure out a way to change delimiter parser to allow more than one character such as "0x55 0xAA" in the past day. Any help is appreciated.

OK I ended up modifying the 25-serial.js file that controls the serial port node.
This is the fastest way that I can think of :joy:

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