Serialport@6.2.2 install fail


Followed Node Red install instructions exactly for Win 10 OS, direct from Node Attempting to install NCD zigbee device wireless gateway node and process fails at install for serialport@6.2.2. Suspect compiler issue. Looking for ideas. Node.js. version is latest as installed today. Guidance is appreciated.


i dont know that node or its requirements however I could possibly point you in the right direction if you post the log from console?

Its quite possible it will tell you whats wrong. Its fairly likely if it need to build your environment may nod be setup correctly (do you have build tools installed?)

All of this is speculation without seeing log.


let me try build tools. I have done nothing more than install node red at this point I will try and reply. Thanks


Can you give us a pointer to the ZigBee node? I think you may need newer serialport for newer versions of nodejs (10) . 6 is fine for node 8. As it should be precompiled for windows. So if the ZigBee node it pulling an old version it may need updating also.


You have to have build-tools installed for many Node.js nodes. Any Node.js package that has a binary component is likely to require compiling and that can't happen on Windows without build-tools.


(But serialport on windows isn’t one of them)


It is an NCD wireless gateway node. The device is a vibration/temperature sensor I bought from I am away from PC for a few days and do not have log files, specifics. Figured this was a common problem as I see many googled stories of serial port problems with nodes. I understand this is difficult to troubleshoot without specifics. I had hoped to hear something that was obvious. Let me get back to the PC next week and provide some specifics.


Apologies for not being clear. Which zigbee node-red node are you trying to install to talk to the device. ? Which version of nodejs do you have installed at the moment?

PS we are on node-red-serialport@0.8.1 for nodejs 10.x