Setting a switch value dependent on multiple other switches

Craig, I am not sure what you are suggesting by using the inject node instead of the HA Websocket add-ons. I don't see how the inject node can do the equivalent of the 'on state change' or 'current state' nodes. Am I missing something?
Thanks, Ron

What i meant is that if you post up a flow using all the state nodes (current state, on state change etc) - then no one else on here can install and run those flows because they do not have those nodes installed.

As such it is difficult for them to give anything but generic help.

If on the other hand you put an inject node (with the data you would expect to receive from the HA nodes) whereever one of those nodes is and then paste that flow up then people can install and run your flow and look for logic flaws or other ways of doing what you are asking to achieve



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