Setting HTTP Header of get request with HMAC encryption


Hello everyone !

I've followed this exemple :
to set a http get request.

I got from a running php program 2 parameters :

  • id (let's say 123)
  • secret ket (let's say 456)

I've set the right url for the get request in the HTTP node (the request works when I use it on the web browser)

When I run the flow I get on my debug node : "{error:"Authorization required."}"

msg.payload = "data to post";
msg.headers = {};
msg.headers['X-Auth-User'] = '123';
msg.headers['X-Auth-Key'] = '456';
return msg;

I'm not sure if I'm using X-Auth-User and X-Auth-Key right ? I've searched on the web and found sometimes X-Auth-Token, X-Auth-Id ... well, I'm lost :smile:

In PHP I got one line with CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, ["Authorization:api $id:$secret_key" ] ...

Thanks for your time.



Well it's solved :

msg.headers['Authorization'] = 'api 123:456';