Setting up a tcp socket on specific port


I have a server which emits continuous messages on port xx. I have made a python program to listen and list all messages coming from that server, though a tcp socket (AF_INET).
How can I make the same on node-red? I have tried with the tcp-request node, but it is showing a message only if triggered, and doe snot "keep" alive listening on that server/port.

Hi @fmarzocca ! Have you tried using the TCP In node instead of the TCP request?

Yes, but it does not connect to the TCP socket.
The TCP IN does not have a field to input the server's IP.

And in the TCP request I imagine you tried setting the return option to: never keep connection open ?

Yes, I did. Sorry not to have been so much verbose, but I am currently out of my main desk.
I'm afraid I should write my own node to handle handshaking with that socket.

If you know each message sent by this server is separated by a special character, you can set it to: "when character received is" for example: \n

Yes, that could be an idea. I will try, thank you!

Have you tried the TCP in node set to connect to?