Settings.js and upgrading

Just a general question, when new features are introduced which can be controlled via the settings.js file, how is the settings.js maintained/merged when changing to another node-red version ? Is this being handled during the upgrade process ?

No, you would need to add any new / additional settings if you wanted to take advantage of them (though as you know, its fine to leave the old settings file unaltered).

@bakman2 You can also stop NR, rename the settings.js file, start and stop NR and compare the new settings.js file to the old one to see the changes and copy your old settings into it.


Got it thanks. Good to keep in mind.

I have to say that this is an ongoing concern of mine about upgrades. It would probably help a lot if the change note said clearly whether the settings.js file had any new/changed properties. Sometimes this information is buried in the text and not necessarily obvious.

Including a notification in the Editor after a new version upgrade would also be helpful.

A diff of the two versions kept somewhere would be even more useful and would save us having to do that each time :slight_smile:

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which two versions ? the latest master and previous master ? - not much use if you have modified it anyway...

Sorry, I meant the version in your userDir against the master version in the Node-RED installation folder.

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