Shape Shifting USB Device : IODD-ST400-USB-3.0

Not really a smart home thing, but I find this gadget amazing, and is like a Swiss army knife for those that need to always flash USB sticks, or convert ISO files to bootable USB Media

I spotted it on a YouTube Video (that wasn't about the product it self)

  • Have an ISO File?

    • Choose it to be presented as a DVD Drive
  • Have a VMWare/VHD/HyperV File?

    • Choose it to be presented as a Hard Drive (portable OS say)
  • Have an Image File?

    • Choose it to be presented as flash storage device

etc etc
Upto 4 devices can be emulated at once!

So cool!

I was watching a vid for an old PC build that didn't have flash boot support, no problem...
He selected the ISO file on the device, and chose to emulate a CD drive with it


  1. Bootable Virtual CD-ROM Drive.(DVD-ROM, Blu-ray)
  • There is no need to buy DVD-ROM and blank media for OS installation.
  • ISO (CD, DVD, Blu-ray) is supported.
  1. Bootable Virtual USB Drive and Flash Drive.
  • supports OS installation and Multi Booting. (and "Windows-To-Go")
  • *.VHD , *.VMDK and *.RMD (Virtual HDD), *.IMA (Virtual FDD) are supported.
  • Selectable Write Protection on each drive.
  • Selectable Fixed or Removable Function on each drive.
  1. Multi LUN
  • Max 3 VHD, 1 ODD and 1 real Drive at the same time.
  1. Display of minimum voltage(VBUS), drive temperature and health information ( 3 Key )
  2. hotkeys
  • Various start key and hotkey support.
  1. Other features
  • Write Protection
  • Safe removal
  • Save loading state
  1. Real-time AES 256-bit XTS Military Grade Encryption
  • Encryption is optional. you can use without encryption.
  • 4-38 digits password. 6 digits is enough for protecting your data.
  • Random keypad
  • Supports 1 master, 4 user passwords

If your password is '1234', type '0' + '1234' at the password input screen.
The '0' is the user number. Admin is '0'. User is '1' ~ '4'.

  • Specify write-protection, password change and deletion for each user.
  1. Text file viewer
  • UTF-16 (UCS-2) and ASCII code support
  • Some Asian codes are not supported
  1. Bitmap file viewer (experimental)
  • Supports under 128x160 size
  • 1-bit, 16-bit, 24-bit support