She-bear - Home water consumption monitor and valve

Why the water consumption monitor is needed?
How can it help to particular family and to the global change?
What exactly does it do, how does it work?

These and more questions are answered in the link above :slight_smile:

For this forum it might have an interest a Node-Red flow implemented as UI part of the project.
Remote part is based on ESP8266 and some peripherals.

Is there similar projects/products?
Yes, they are. From $100 to $1800 retail price.

What's this monitor different of others?
It's zero-maintenance. Insert it in the water flow and go. No wires, no external electricity, no periodic maintenance.

Weak points?

  1. Maybe solar panel should be placed remotely in good light. Still in test...
  2. Maybe Hall sensor need to be replaced with reed. Will evaluate this soon.
  3. Maybe I will go back to periodic volume reporting instead or in addition to summary water report...
  4. Better data keep, processing, and charting is needed. Use of Node-Red dashboard + persistent nodes does the quick and dirty trick.

Feedback and ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

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