Shop floor operational data integration


Does anyone use NodeRed for operational data integration, where you have requirements for transactional security, high availability, etc?


I don't think node-red is geared towards streaming transactions, due to the nature of nodejs, you will always introduce a delay between messages. If you are looking for high availability and data integrity I think you should be looking at different tools like Apache NiFi where these features at the core of the system.

Then again it all depends on your requirements and expected data load. eg. you can make node-red highly available, by sending transactions to multiple instances, but a lot of design thought will need to be put into it.

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The amount of data in transit and your tolerance for delays would drive this. We use a mqtt broker on sql server with python scripts to custom tables. The system out-of-box can load all messages to an archive table. This is highly available for our purposes. It’s NOT for everyone. I don’t recommend SQL inserts from Node-RED sql nodes. It’s important to understand your needs in order to apply scale. Node-RED can potentially be included into your solution. It really depends on where and how to fit.

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