Shopify, trying to make api calls - FAIL

Guys, i have been trying to connect node-red-contrib-shopify to make some API calls with no luck at all.

I am not sure why because I don't even have a log to check (or i don't know where to find it.. i am pretty new to node-red)

The thing is that using postman i just need to send a header with X-Shopify-Access-Token and the admin token and that's it!

i have been trying for almost two days with no luck, i am so frustrated. Anyone using shopify with node-red out there? pls help

Not used it but it appears to have many API's and 3 different authentication/authorisation models. So I'm guessing it may be quite complex anyway.

Which API and which authentication model are you using?

i am trying to use a custom app with Admin API and i have an access token that starts with "shpat_" if sent in headers with "X-Shopify-Access-Token" it works perfectly!

Then try using the http_request node, add the headers in the http request node (depending on node-red version) Or set them prior to the node using a change or function node, using msg.headers["X-Shopify-Access-Token"] the request body goes in msg.payload.

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