Show a message in the log with `postinstall` script

Hi all,
I would like to display a message in the log after installation using the postinstall script but it seems that this is not natively possible (see [BUG] npm install does not run postinstall nor does it show name & version of installed pkg · Issue #3647 · npm/cli · GitHub).

@knolleary would it be possible to add the following flags to the installer (registry)?

  • --foreground-scripts
  • --loglevel=warn: to avoid spamming the log (or maybe info level)


Lately I was digging intensively in the details of installer.
May I ask what kind of "spamming the log" you experienced? I'm not aware of any (generated by npm)...

You're right, after several tests the loglevel is not necessary. I don't really have any spam except for audits. (because I forgot to put the flag :man_facepalming: ).
I hadn't checked but by default it's on notice which is higher than info.
I had defined the loglevel to avoid logs like debug but it will not be useful :sweat_smile:

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What do you think @knolleary about enabling logs during pre/post install scripts?

I don't know if it will be useful to many but I would like to use it to notify the user that they have an action to do. (Knowing very well that not everyone looks at the logs...)