Show html msg.payload on dashboard with template.node

I am trying to post a HTML code as msg.payload on a dashboard with a template.node
But the template.node doesn't post it as HTML text, but as plain text.

msg.payload looks like:

<b>07-03-2022 R1 Beta:</b><br> 
Check van versienummer controleert op response 200 of 201, anders retun false <br>
<b>06-03-2022 R1 Beta:</b><br>
- Download flows.json wordt nu opgeslagen met versie naam <br>
<b>05-03-2022 R2 Beta:</b><br>
- Je kan nu per zigbee bridge een command sturen <br>
- Kleur/text verandert bij een beschikbare update <br>

In the template i put {{msg.payload}}
The text is visible, but not as HTML text, but it is shown as a text-block.
So i see the html commands, like <b>, </b> and <br>

How can i transfer the msg.payload, that it works like HTML and not as text-block?

You will need to show us your flow to understand what you are doing wrong.

Either use msg.template (have your html text in msg.template)and have the template node blank
use a html tag with ng-bind <div ng-bind-html="msg.payload"></div> You can use any tag span, p, etc

great answer, a very big thanks.
The solution was the ng-bind. It works to which i was looking for

<div ng-bind-html="msg.payload"></div>

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