Showing connect/disconect status of nodered server to client website using PHP

Hi, i'm a new to nodered
i'm looking for a simplest way to show connect status of nodered server on a website i created using PHP, to show whether it is on power or not....( it kinda like messenger on facebook, if user is online, a green point will on, and red one if user is inactive)
i've searched on many posts and this post maybe closest [Simple Web page with live data updates via websocket (flow) - Node-RED]
but the website is created inside the nodered , and i want to create a site like that but using PHP
and outside the nodered ... sorry for my bad English and thanks for reading


this is not a Node-RED question - you need to google how to monitor a site in php - eg php - Get the site status - up or down - Stack Overflow

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tks for your response

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