SIMATIC IOT 2040 - Node Red - Photoelectric Omron Sensor

Hi everyone!

I wrote a forum entry 2 weeks ago about the installation of nodes in my iot2040 with an input/output module. I solved that and how to do it and thank you everyone @Colin, @yoba, @iiot2k.
Now i got a problem that it's out of my knowledge (i'm new at this and i'm learning).

This is my IOT2040 with the input/otput module. (this one :point_down:)

I got a photoelectric barrier sensor. (this one :point_down:)

I need to put it in a production line and see the data when something cross it.
I'm using the node "simatic_iot2000" connected to a debug module and i don't receive a 1 when something cross it, i ttried all the digital pins but it doesn't work

The input button that is connected to the function and to mqtt, it's connected to my PC's node-red which is connnected to my data base. If a press that button a "tick" is written in the database.
Maybe i got something wrong in the installation or my hardware it's broken or i need to do some step that i didn't do.

I tried with other node that it's called "node-red-contrib-IoT2000-gpio" and mine is "node-red-contrib-iot2000-gpio". But both it doesn't work for me.

Thank you everyone,

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Hi Manuel,

What embedded board do you use? is it 6ES7647-0KA01-0AA2 or 6ES7647-0KA02-0AA2?
Make sure your wiring is correct. Another important factor: what is the input type from barrier sensor? NPN (Sinking) or PNP (Sourcing)? depending on your sensor, the wiring will be different.
Please refer to manual here for further details.

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