Simple Door Sensor with Email Notification

Hi Folks

I am a new user to Node Red. I am looking to do a simple project. I have one zwave door sensor which is showing connected in node red and I can see the state change from on and off when opening and closing door.

I would like to get an email alert when the door sensor is on(open). I am able to send and email test in node red and it does come through, but for the life of me I cannot link it all together. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Start by reading the docs on working with messages which will give you some good information. Then you can feed the message from sensor into a Switch node (not a ui_switch node) to pass on only messages that indicate it is open, then feed that into a Change node where you can setup the data for the email node. Then, obviously feed that into the email node. Build it by adding one node at a time and feeding the result into a debug node. When that node is doing what it should then add the next one, again feeding it into a debug node, and so on. That stops you getting to the situation where you build a complete flow and it doesn't work but you haven't any idea why.

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