Simple moon phase + picture for dashboard

Hi there
does anybody have a small and simple moon phase + picture script / export for my personal dashboard ?
i was looking but could not find any

many many thanks in advance

The suncalc node reports the % moon. But I’m not aware of any specific graphics


And here you are, The moon phase and pictu ... well emoji, but correct one


But as you get all necessary info from this node it will be easy enough to implement something with nice images with ui_template node.



Nice one.

thanks working like charm


For anyone wanting to do this, the node @hotNipi used is node-red-contrib-sun-position

I'm just updating weather-icons-lite to include the 8 main moon phases

I'm just doing some tweaking first before I publish them, but once finished, they will be added to the node-RED dashboard, and can then be used, resized etc, just like font-awsome icons.

I'm hoping to npm publish them this evening, and then hopefully they will be added to the core of node-red-dashboard shortly thereafter.


v1.3.0 now published on npm - to include the 8 moon phase icons as above.
NOTE - this isn't a node-red-contrib node and should not be user added.
Hopefully, it will be added to the node-RED dashboard core, in it's next release.

When it is added, see the css mapping docs for usage.

I think the mapping is inverted ? surely black should be no moon and white full moon ?

Hhmm... well this is full moon using the dark theme

full moon dark

...and the same icon when using the light theme

full moon white

EDIT - but yes, you are correct. I'll update tomorrow :grimacing:

Ah I see. This may be one case where it shouldn't change with the theme (if possible)

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