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I set node sun position lo show in my dashboard moon position icon ..

Well ...
I have two dashboard, on one I see this icon

but on the other I see this icon

I don't understand, I'd like to see the first icon for both ...

They are two very different things so it is not possible that you have same exact flow to produce this. Investigate or let us see, by sharing the flow(s)

Is that on different systems or both in the same instance of node-red?

This is the flow ....

If I set the node Moon img into a dashboard I have the first icon, if I set the same node into the other dashboard I have the second icon.

It's the same flow, only change the dashboard ....

I found the problem, but not the solution .....

This is the dashboard show on browser Chromium directly from Raspberry ...

and this is the same dashboard show on pc ubuntu connect on raspberry (of course), but the browser is Firefox ...... (on pc)

And with Opera or Chrome this is the same dashboard ..... (on pc)

It's really blurry ....

it's possible that Raspberry don't have these icons?

If you don't like the way different browsers are displaying the (Unicode?) emoji, you could display your own image instead.

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I installed Firefox on Raspberry, but I have not the correct Icon (only black and white),
so the problem is Raspberry or the icons are missing?

Ok, I'll try ...


Thank you for input ....


Well done. That's much nicer!

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