Dashboard being displayed in mobile emulator

I'm new to this game so please excuse me if this is a dumb question. When I am displaying my dashboards, the results are being shown in a graphical frame that resembles a mobile phone. I've no idea where this comes from and my friend Google is unable to assist.

I'm running v0.18.7 on a Raspberry Pi 3 if that is of assistance.

Do you mean that it appears as a fixed size area the same shape as a phone? If so then you can change that in the Dashboard Layout tab.

Which dashboard and which version have you got installed?

I was actually getting a background graphic of a mobile phone upon which the dashboard widgets were being overlaid. I upgraded the dashboard code this afternoon and a new selection appeared in the Site tab of the dashboard tab allowing the setting of a theme in a UI_template. I have set this to No and the mobile graphic has disappeared. So guessing that when I installed either Node Red or the original Node Red Dashboard then this mobile theme must have come with it?

There is no mobile theme in the dashboard, only light, dark and custom. The version of dashboard is logged in the console during startup

There used to be a "mobile" version of the dashboard (called node-shri-dashboard, iirc) -- it was an incompatible fork of the main dashboard, sporting a background image of a mobile phone. Can you check the Palette Manager's "Installed Nodes" tab, searching for "dash"? You should only see one, namely the core version of node-red-dashboard -- if there are others installed, they may be causing conflicts and should probably be removed.

Oh, and if you ever see node-red-contrib-ui installed, that is the old version of the dashboard code before it was transferred over to Dave and the node-red team -- it too should be removed in favor of the latest dashboard module...

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Can someone explain to me why in Chromium browser tab my dashboard layout is all controls and displays in one row, but when viewed on a cell phone Chrome tab its all shown in one column?

It actually works better on a phone since the security cam image I display is re-sizable on the phone, but not on the desktop browser.

I'd prefer both browsers show the same thing, preferably with the phone browser behavior also shown on the desktop.