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Well, I developed a node-RED application on my personal computer. I run this application on the local network and can access it from other devices.

Here's the problem: when accessing pages from a mobile device
of the dashboard are unconfigured.

I know that I developed on the pc and of course the screen size of the pc and the resolution are higher. However, I was wondering if there is any way to create a specific dashboard for mobile devices. Something that somehow organizes the graphics.

If anyone can help, I appreciate it.

can you get to the dashboard from your moble device?
Are you connecting to your local network with your phone?
what do you actually type - in the phone's browser - to get to NR?

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Sorry, maybe i haven't been clear.

My pc and cell phone are on the same local network. I can access my phone's dashboard without any problems, just indicate the pc's ip and the execution port. My problem is related to formatting of dashboard pages: The blocks of text and graphics are not aligned and organized as on the PC screen.

It is more of an aesthetic issue. I just want organized pages on my mobile.

The dashboard is designed to be responsive. You can see that if on your PC you go to the dashboard and then resize the browser window, If you build a dashboard tab that is too large, it might not fit on a phone's screen and you might see scroll bars.

If you want more control, you could try building your own dashboard using ui-builder.

Alternatively, take a look at the layout button/tab in the editor for the Dashboard and see how the width of widgets/groups is set. If it's too wide, see if making it slightly smaller would help for your situation.

Yes, I did it. The problem is that if I do this I organize it on my cell phone, but on the PC it is disproportionate.

If I fix it in one, it ends up disorganizing in the other hahaha.

In a way I am thinking of two versions, maybe I will develop a specific one for mobiles.

I will see what is possible to do.

Can you post screen shots so can see what you mean?

See, what happens

On the cell phone screen the page is unconfigured.

(portuguese is why i am brazilian)

The bottom group "Valir maximo e minimo' is too wide to resize/shift on th phone. If you split that into two seperate groups it should reposition for you

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Split it into just two groups like this, then on the narrow window they will sit one above the other. Use straight lines though, unlike mine. Unless you want the two switches at the top to stay at the top, in which case leave them and just split the bottom wide group into two as @zenofmud suggested, or split and join them onto the other two groups as I have suggested.


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I did it. I'm sorry I didn't see it before, it was kind of obvious.

It improved the appearance, at least now everything is organized in a continuous column.

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