Slider appearance: Slider gets shorter when label gets longer

How do I make the UI slider (Landing Light Dimmer) bigger and below the name?


Seems like it should have an option to put the label above or below the slider.

Meanwhile, you could put a text widget above it, move the label to the text widget and remove it from the slider.
Screen Shot 2020-02-19 at 5.02.48 PM

@SteveMann - Steve I changed the title

@dceejay Dave, should there be an option to allow the label to be above or below the slider? As you can see from the example - the bottom slider has the label in it where the top example has a text node over the slider with no label. I started looking at the code but couldn't figure out how the actual dashboard output happens.

Thanks for the more appropriate title.
Your workaround of putting a text widget over the slider with no name works for me.

There could be an option if someone is willing to write the code and offer up a Pull Request.
As it would fit over two cells it would end up looking like the text widget plus slider anyway, so I'm not feeling the need personally.

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