Slow down incoming values when the changes are not major

I get values for current from my Siemens PLC into nodered every second. I would like to slow down the input when the chnages are not that high. The actual value is jumping between 15.1 and 15.8 A. I dont need to show this changes, because I use cloud to write the values in and would like to keep the traffic not very loaded.

I was experimenting with rbe combining with smooth nodes. But I didnt manage to achieve the desired result. If I tell the smooth node to return the mean value after more than 3 values, then my programm doesnt work, because when I stop the charging the value drops in 3-4 steps from 15 to 0 and it can happens that the last value 0 dont get recognized.

So I need something to slow down the value if the changes are <1A and speed up if its >1A.

Is it possible?

Maybe the rbe node has a mode you can use ?

I was trying to smooth 3 values and then place rbe behind it. But the value is "jumping around" so rbe doesnt trigger.

I have another idea. I can check with the smooth node for deviatation and then block all values <1 with switch node. But with this solution I need to construct something to pass the original value to the cloud, not deviatation.

ok, I see rbe node had exactly the function, that I need: "block unless value change is greater than:".

Thank you. Thats a bit embarrassing now :see_no_evil:

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