Smart TRV's (again)

I know we have been over this ground several times... but... has anyone in UK got / used any of these smart TRVs - from Sandy Beach retailing in UK ? Seem like a good price - and use a zigbee gateway (Tuya ?)

and of course do they work with Node-RED ?

New one on me I'm afraid. As you say, price is decent but the problem with all the TRV's is a lack of people to test them and collate results over time.

The vavles are Ā£36.99. Only the gateway is Ā£19.99

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Yes. That still seems good vs a lot of the others

Not really, as Tuya TRV's start at around Ā£28 Tuya zigbee TRV for sale | eBay

The new Matter enabled Zemismart M1 hub looks interesting for connecting Tuya devices.

And sonoff do TRVs and hub start at around Ā£29 SONOFF Thermostatic Valve for Radiators TRVZB Smart Thermostat FAST UK 1-4 units | eBay


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