[SOLVED] Mqtt Dashboard - Vetru


i tried to use the App "MQTT Dashboard" of Vetru Google Play link
I can publish messages to the MQTT Server and also receive messages (i tried it with the Toggle) but i don't know how i have to format the incoming message.
The help section says that "on" and "off" change the state in the app, but I always get the fallback symbol.

If it is helpful: I only send {"state": "toggle"} to the MQTT-Server and receive on or off as the payload.

Is there someone who use this app and can help me? I think the App is realy cool an have a nice design.


I use it, too, though it has some things to be done, before I will be satisfied with.
I use the german translation, so it may be different for you, But there was a state area, where you can enter the correct Syntax for your on and off state. In my case it had to be upper case ON and OFF.

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Tomorrow I will post a screen shot of my dashboard and the edit screen.

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Oh thank you i didn't saw that you can enter a value for "on" and "off".
But after your comment and I found the field. The field was so obvious that I missed it :smiley:

Here is the Field:

Ps: I'm also german but if someone has the same problem, they shouldn't have to activate the translator first. That's why I've stayed with English now.

Ich danke dir :slight_smile:

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Glad, you found it yourself.

My issues with the app are:

When I am in edit mode, I cannot see the type of the tile. I have to enter the help (?) bottom right to see the type name.
Additionally I would prefer if the edit, delete and duplicate menu does only appear when the lock is unlocked.
Also the plus button could be hidden until unlocked.

I asked the author if it is possible to control the Dark mode via MQTT. That would be a super feature for me!

When in a combined tile (thermostat) I can see the top bar of my smartphone, altough I activated full screen mode.
Also there should be a visible back button, not only the back button of the smartphone or the arrow down left to the name. It is not obvious to hit that small arrow to exit this view.

I have two tablets and one old premium smartphone, which I would love to use in landscape mode.
Also I'd like to have a widget for my home screen.
Both requests have been posted quite a while to the reddit group of the app, but got no reply so far.

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I am also in favor of only showing the editing options if you have activated the unlock mode, otherwise the edit mode makes no sense if it is only there to move tiles.

I think it would also be nice if you could also protect the editing mode with a password so that you can, for example, place a tablet at the entrance door without having to worry that someone will reconfigure something.

I think the Dark Mode via MQTT doesn't make sense for me. An Option with "Dark Mode by System Settings" would be better cause modern devices can activate the dark mode automatically.

The issue with the thermostat is also with the combined tile for Lamps. And if I rename a combined tile a new tile is created instead.

I don't understand why there is no landscape mode cause if I connect my Samsung Galaxy to my PC and start Samsung Dex the App starts in landscape mode and works perfect.

Same here. Just forgot to mention that.

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